Toddler Snoring - A Matter of Concern ?

Snoring is not just a nuisance in adults but it is a matter of serious concern in children too. Yes! You read it correctly. Children also do snore. Approximately 10% of children snore regularly and the most common cause for the same is swollen Adenoids.

Adenoids are lymphoid tissue located at the backend of the nose. They have a role to play in immunity and act as bodyguards of the breathing passage. Sometimes they go in an overdrive mode and proportionately their size increases causing narrowing of the passage of breathing leading to symptoms.

Seasonal allergies, cold and flu are common reasons for adenoid enlargement.


Children suffering from adenoid enlargement often show following symptoms-

  1. Breathing through the mouth or Sleeping with mouth open
  2. Snoring at night
  3. Drooling of saliva
  4. Disturbed sleep
  5. Recurrent ear pain
  6. Protruding or misalignment of teeth

If child is not diagnosed correctly and treated it can lead to various health hazards. Recurrent/long standing obstruction leads to restlessness, frequent nightmares, awakenings, bedwetting, decreased activity/alertness during day time, behavioural problems, decreased scholastic performance in school.

There is no immediate reason to call the doctor if your toddler snores for a couple of days when he’s sick and has a stuffy nose. However, if your little one snores constantly, it’s wise to address this to an ENT Specialist


The ENT specialist may want to examine your kid’s adenoids and tonsils, take X-rays of his upper airways. If the Adenoid enlargement is mild, it can be managed with Nasal Sprays.


Moderate/Severe cases need surgery. Coblation adenoidectomy can be done under general anaesthesia, in which the plasma energy of the coblation wand helps to vaporize and clear the adenoid tissue. It is a safe, bloodless, painless, day care surgery.


Benefits of doing this surgery are:

  •       It will help the child breathe with ease
  •       Stops snoring
  •       Prevents repeated ear infection
  •       Improves scholastic performance.
  •       Adenoidectomy prevents malalignment of teeth which may require orthodontic treatment.  

Get in touch with the experts at Aahan ENT Clinic to schedule an appointment and to know whether your child is snoring because of allergy or obstruction of airways because of enlarged adenoids and tonsils.

Dr. Ajay Doiphode is a Consultant ENT surgeon with more than 20 years of experience. He has graduated from the prestigious KEM Hospital & G.S. Medical College, Mumbai with a Second Rank in Mumbai University Examination.