Audiology, Speech & Voice Therapies


  • Audiogram is a graphical representation of hearing threshold of a person at various frequency and pitch measured by an audiometer during “Pure Tone Audiometry” (PTA) testing. 
  • It provides audiologist/otolaryngologist information regarding the degrees of hearing loss, unilateral vs bilateral hearing loss, neural vs non-neural (conductive) hearing loss, and a probable cause/etiology of hearing loss.


  • Tympanometry is a quick test to assess the middle ear status. It gives information about the middle ear hearing bones, Eustachian tube functioning. 
  • Pattern specific graph is obtained which helps in diagnosis.

Oto Acoustic Emission(OAE)

  • Normal cochlea produces low-intensity sounds called Oto Acoustic Emissions (OAEs). 
  • These sounds are produced most probably, by the cochlear outer hair cells as they expand and contract. 
  • This test is used for hearing screening particularly in neonates and infants.

Brainstem Evoked Response Audiometry (BERA)

  • The ABR test measures the reaction of the parts of a child’s nervous system that affect hearing. (The ABR test measures the hearing nerve’s response to sounds). 
  • An ABR test is often ordered if a new-born fails the hearing screening test given in the hospital shortly after birth, or for older children if there is a suspicion of hearing loss that was not confirmed through more conventional hearing tests.

Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are digital amplification devices which improve communication for adults and allow spoken language development in children.



Digital Hearing Aids

Digital hearing aid are now preferred over the conventional one because of advantages they offer including:

  • It offers different listening modes for different environment.
  • It is adaptable to individual listening needs.
  • Digital aids have feedback cancellation that masks the whistling sound produced by machine.
  • It is available is varying sizes and are very light to wear.
  • It monitors the external environment and provides optimal sound by reducing the environmental noise.

Trial, Fitting & Service

  • Hearing aid trial is the trial of hearing aids chosen on the basis of person audiogram, listening needs and his/her comfort level. 
  • Hearing aid that best suits the person is then chosen. 
  • Post fitting services like reprogramming when required or servicing/repair of the hearing aid is provided as needed. 
  • We provide home visit service for audiometry, hearing aid trial and fitting.


Speech Therapy

  • Speech therapists help treat problems related to speech like not speaking clearly, disorders of flow of speech like stuttering, loss of speech/language, difficulties in swallowing after stroke. 
  • Speech therapy also aims at improving overall communication of children with special needs.