Is Ear wax good for the ears ?

Ear Wax is a natural secretion like sweat.

It is useful as it:
● Traps dust, bacteria & other germs & prevents them from entering and damaging your ear.
● Protects the skin of your ear canal from becoming irritated by water.
● The peculiar smell of wax does not let certain bugs get in our ear when we are sleeping!!
Wax is produced in a very minimal quantity on a daily basis & gets cleared from the ears even without our knowledge, by a natural cleansing mechanism.
If we disturb this process by using ear buds or other foreign objects, then wax starts building up inside our ears.
Accumulation of excess earwax may cause your ear canal to become blocked, leading to the following symptoms:
● Earache, fullness in the ear, or a sensation the ear is plugged
● Tinnitus, ringing, or noises in the ear
● Itching
Do see your health care provider if your symptoms of hearing loss, ear fullness or ear pain persist for more than 5-7 days.
An ENT specialist may prescribe ear softening drops followed by cleaning. In an ENT Clinic, the doctor has special equipment & instruments to clear the wax in a painless & sterile manner.
Never use hydrogen peroxide solution, to soften the wax. It can cause serious damage to the delicate ear drum.