An Insight on Endoscopic Ear Surgeries

Some of the smallest structures that can be operated on in the human body are in the ear. For example, the eardrum is 0.1 mm thick, and the middle ear bones (ossicles) are the smallest in the body. These bones are so small in size that multiple sets of these ossicles could fit on a coin.


Benefits of Endoscopic Ear Surgeries Over Traditional Microscopic Surgery


Endoscopic ear surgeries(EES) is an advanced surgical technique for performing specific types of ear procedures. Endoscopes have a much broader or more panoramic view than the traditional microscope, which give a 3D view of the structures.Microscopes provide a cylinder view/straight on view.


Endoscopes are long and thin in structure in size &therefore they can even be moved around the small ear structures to provide better view than with a microscope. Angledendoscopes used during endoscopic surgery help us to see around the nooks and corners of theear.

Why and When do you need to get an Endoscopic Ear Surgery?


Endoscopic ear surgery helps treat adults and children with:


Chronic Otitis Media (Eardrum perforation): A hole or tear in the eardrum, also termed as a tympanic membrane perforation, can occur from a middle ear infection, trauma such as insertion of foreign objects inside the ear (ear buds), barotrauma (scuba diving),exposure to loud sounds such as bomb blast.


Cholesteatoma: Cholesteatomas can be congenital or they can be caused due to repeated ear infections. EES can often treat early cholesteatomas with superior visualization, no incision behind the ear leading to a faster recovery.


Otosclerosis: In this hereditary disease, the stapes bone becomes fixed and does not vibrate to transmit sounds to the inner ear.


Ossicular chain fixation or discontinuity:  Some people are born with ossicles that are either fixed (fused), malformed, or missing. These congenital problems can lead to hearing loss and can be effectively be treated by endoscopic ear surgery. Ossicles can sometimes get diseased or can lose their continuity with one another because of acquired causes such as infections, trauma, tumors or previous ear surgeries thereby reducing the transmission of sound vibrations from the ear drum to the inner ear leading to conductive hearing loss. EES helps in treating these conditions.


Facial nerve disorders:Facial nerve can be affected due to infection, injury, or other conditions such as a tumor and minimally invasive EES is a boon in treating these conditions.


Acoustic neuroma / vestibular schwannoma -This benigntumor grows on the vestibular nerve which passes from the inner ear to the brain. Endoscopic ear surgery is beneficial in treating hearing loss &balance problems in the early stages.


Glomus tumors: This rare tumor almost always grows in the middle ear &temporal bone and is usually benign.Typically patients present with pulsatile tinnitus and gradually progressing hearing loss.


Osteoma: It is a slow-growing, benign tumor that may involvethe ear canal bone, Osteomas can arise due to repetitive exposure to cold water and pain, hearing loss, or frequent ear infections.



What are the benefits for the patient?


There are many significant advantages from the point of view of the patient:


  • Cosmetically, endoscopic surgery is preferable. There is minimal scarring with endoscopic ear surgeries. The scar is more prominent with microscopy and can cause keloid formation, pain, or even numbness in the ear.
  • Illumination, magnification and panoramic view is a distinct advantage of endoscopic ear surgery over microscopic surgery. This allows the surgeon to do a meticulous and precise surgery.
  • Lastly, due to lesser tissue handling, healing is faster and recovery is speedier. Patients resume their routine in 48-72 hours.


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